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Mar 4, 2003
From Jo Lynn
I was informed this morning that Baxter Turnage (Class of 53) passed away on Monday, March 3. Baxter had been in Kirby Pines nursing home for some time. Do not know funeral and burial arrangements at this time, although, the announcement should be in The Commercial Appeal on Wednesday.
March 12,2003
Guy Benny Tucker is coming to America!! (Memphis, TN)
Says He'll get here about the 1st of April.
Will keep you posted on his progress. Talk with him at <---click here
March 16, 2003
We had the 3rd Leonard's "Pig-Out" last night
There were 23 of us there.
Bill and Florine Cochran, Joan and Bill Lloyd, Jamie Hall, Sam Richard, Sam and Paula Gentry, Mary Nell McNeill, Candy Holt Wilkinson, Dan Goodwin, Bobby and Mary Alice Newman, John and Jo Grisham, Cindy Williams, Shirley Williams, Mike Inlow and Mary Powell, Bobby Donaldson, Barbara Arnold Bondurant and friend, Ann Armstrong.
A good time was had by all.   Make Plans for the next one in May, on the 31st. We'll be a week LATE this time, because of Memorial Day        Pictures can be seen here!!
March 26, 2003
Jo Ann Doty Burns make the headlines
In the DeSoto Appeal, front page!
She cookes, makes Pies and dog biscuits. She's the Horn Lake Librarian
In case you don't get the DeSoto paper,,,

March 28, 2003
Got this Email from Jean Foran
Hi, folks! I've already had some inquiries about Kaitlin, so I'll catch you up on what I know (not much!).
I don't remember when exactly I wrote to you last or what I knew at that time. If I still had my Juno,
I'd go back and look at my "Sent" file, BUT!!
Anyway, she had the heart operation, which I'm sure I told you about. Then she had an operation on her stomach
area. Her intestines were all twisted up. She seemed to be holding her own. But the other day her lungs collapsed.
They were talking about surgery on that situation but that's the last I've heard. The poor baby is having more
than her fair share to deal with in her first weeks of life. I'm 68 years old and a lot of you are, too, and I've
sure not had anything like that baby's having to contend with.
Keep her in your prayers, please.
This baby is my daughter's brother-in-law's grandchild.
Thanks for your continued concern.
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