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Here's a report on our "Meet-to-Eat" at Leonard's Bar-BQ.
Everyone seemed to have a good time,,, there were 32 of us there.
We ate Bar BQ, Fish, Chicken and Ribs and gossiped about everyone
that wasn't there to defend themselves!!!
Ive post several photo's taken of the people there on the webpage.
After talking with several people, the general consensus is ,,,
let's meet every other month!
The next time and place will be 6:00 p.m. @ Leonard's on SATURDAY, JANUARY 25
Holidays are just around the corner, so let me wish everyone a H a p p y    T h a n k s g i v i n g this year!

Paula Holt Wilkinson recieved this e-mail to-day from Sue
Candy: I just got back to my office from seeing the Dr. Yes it is suppose to be day surgery, but, it isn't going to be done until 2:15 pm....I will probably be in over night. It is my achilles tendon and bone spur. I won't be playing any more football. I will be in a cast for about 3 weeks and then in a "boot" for about 3 to 4 months. if I follow my usual routine of getting back to work after surgery, I won't be out but a few days. My assistant will read my e-mail for me and call them to me at home. You are welcome to post this info on the website. it's suppose to be 63% here tomorrow.. It was 28 this am... who can explain the weather??? Thank you for asking,
Sue Farrow Roberts
Paula Holt Wilkinson recieved this e-mail to-day from Sue's Assistant
Candy, Sue Roberts asked me to reply to you. Surgery went well as far as she can tell. She said she will be in touch with you as soon as she returns. Have a wonderful holiday season. Joellen
Candy found this piece of sad new today
Today's CA reported the death of Isabelle Ball, age 89, one of our Tech High Home Economics teachers. She retired after 40 years as a Memphis City School teacher. She was survived by a niece who cared for her, Altona H. Yarbrough of Germantown.
Candy Just got back from a visit with Bunny McViegh Phillips
In Kingston TN.
Click here for a 'PIC"
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