All info posted here are from Email and Phonecalls,,,    Thanks

1. Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002

2. Date Mon, 4 Nov 2002
Found Sue Farrow (Roberts) in Texas, on
Added all info about her on web page. She hasn't heard from any TECH people since she gradurated. Send her some e-mail!

3. Date Mon, 4 Nov 2002
Comfirmed news about James Billy Hall's death since the last Reunion with Sarah Raney Goss and added him on the Memorial Page

4. Date Nov 5 2002
Talked with Guy Tucker in Venezuela, and Hal Meadows in Swizterland today! Both staying busy and fine. NetMeeting is free and easy, Look at the "LINKs"page to get it!

5. Date Nov 7 2002
Carolyn Adkins Reynolds Passed away Wed,
Graveside services for FRIDAY, @10:00 AM at Memorial Park Cemetary

6. Date Nov 7 2002
Services for Mrs Artis Sue Graig, Mother of Beverly Sue Graig Gainer
@1 pm Friday at Munford Funeral Home in Millington.

7. Date Nov 7 2002
Mary Imogene "Gene" Hamilton Foy sent this info,,
She made plans to go to class reunion, but fell and broke her shoulder 3 days before her trip. She says she will certainly make the next one.

8. Date Nov 7 2002
Joan Marie Smith Ludwig sent this
I was really disappointed to miss the reunion. Martine gave me an overview, and it sounded great! My surgery went well, and I am really about 98% back to normal. I start a program of mild chemo next week, and that will be followed by harmone therapy. My spirits have been good and, physically, I'm pretty strong, so I should hold up well.

9. Date Nov 9, 2002
Candy says she talked with Betty Fisher Flynn 11/7. She is home from the hospital after an 8 week stay. She is getting stronger every day, and is sorry to have missed the reunion.

10. Date Nov 9, 2002
Hi, This is Ramona Paul's sister, June. Good News...Surgery Over...Successful... Ramona resting comfortably. Sincerely, June Dye

11. Date Nov 15, 2002
Florine's husband, Bill Cochran (Tech50) is due to have a heart cath, this week,
Let's keep them in our thoughts and prayers

12. Date Nov 18, 2002
Dorothy Jane "Bunny" McVeigh Phillips's Mother, May Townsend, 94 years old, passed away this week, after a stroke two weeks ago. We send our condolences to the family.
13. Date Nov 20, 2002
Candy says "Just talked to Florine, Bill's test was a ok. They plan to be there Saturday night." She told him he could eat boiled chicken.

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